When attempting to crop an image using the Photo Workshop feature, the crop takes effect in the incorrect area of the image. This issue occurs when attempting to crop large image files or image files saved using a high DPI (dots per inch) setting. This issue can be resolved by selecting an area effect shape and cropping the image as desired. View the remainder of this note for the procedure.
Complete the following:
  1. Launch the program and open a new or existing project. 
  2. Add the desired photo image to the project. 
  3. Right-click on the image and select Photo Workshop. The Photo Workshop window will appear. 
  4. Click the Area Effects tab. 
  5. Click the desired shape by "Select a Pre-Set Shape or Draw a Shape." The selected shape will appear on the image. 
  6. Click the Crop and Orientation tab. 
  7. Click the same shape by "Select a Pre-Set Shape or Click Freehand Crop." The selected shape will appear on the image. 
  8. Resize the shape as needed. 
  9. Click the Apply Crop button and click OK. The cropped image will appear as expected on the project workspace.