After creating a project using The Print Shop®, black boxes surround the letters on the printout. This issue results when a Postscript printer is used to print the project. Changing a printer setting will help resolve the issue. The remainder of this technical note describes how to proceed.
Complete the steps that follow to change the printer settings.
  1. Launch The Print Shop®. 
  2. Select File from the menu bar and select Print. The Print window will open. 
  3. Click the Setup button. The Print Setup window will open. 
  4. In the Print Setup window that opens, click Properties. A Properties window for the printer will open. 
  5. Locate the Postscript options. (Typically, these settings are under the Advanced tab category. Also, look under any Fonts tab or category in the Properties window.) 
  6. Locate the TrueType setting and change that setting to bitmap. 
  7. Close the windows and try to print the project.