Sometimes Windows Defender, Windows Firewall and Windows Permissions/Rights block the installation of Print Master Gold 18 that’s why the installation stuck at the end where it updates the system.

There is no any concern of this updating system with Print Master Gold 18 installation. The Print Master Gold 18 will work fine. 


When installing the Print Master Gold 18, you may receive a message that says " Updating System, please wait…"

  1. Open C: Drive.

  2. Click on Program Files (x86).

  3. Copy the folder The PrintMaster Gold 18 and paste it in other drive/partition like C drive before the installer exits

 and Create a shortcut on the desktop for this file.

How to create the Desktop shortcut?

  • Please open the PrintMaster Gold 18 folder and find the file PMW.exe (Application)
  • Please right click on PMW.exe and create the Desktop shortcut.




  • Optional: Rename the Shortcut to PrintMaster Gold 18
  • Double click the shortcut Icon of PMW.exe .
  • Your application will Successfully Run/Launch.

  4. Please click on Cancel.

  5. Installation exits (End task it from task manager if nothing happens after click on cancel button).

  6. It might be possible The PrintMaster Gold 18 folder/Installation will automatically Delete/Uninstall from C:\Program Files (x86) after restart the system.

 Note: For this purpose, we created the shortcut icon of Print Master Gold 18 on desktop because it might be possible the program will automatically uninstall after restart the machine.