First, Right click on Application shortcut icon and then click on “Run as Administrator

Now Click on “Yes

Click on “Yes, proceed” Now

Fill the following form and put Name, Email and License Key in relevant fields and click on “Proceed

After clicking on Proceed “Installation code” will  be generated

Note: Your Installation code will be different

Copy the “Installation code” and paste it in the URL:

Note: For this iDRM  offline portal, we need internet connection.

After filling the iDRM offline Form, click on “Generate Confirmation Code

After click on “Generate Confirmation Code,” a Confirmation code will be generated and you will need to use this in “Activation” windows

Note: Your Confirmation code will be different.

Now put the “Confirmation code” in Activation windows under A, B, C, D and E and hit the “Activate” button. After clicking on “Activate” button the product will be Activated

Note: This guide is for “Mavis Beacon Keyboarding Kidz” offline activation but the offline activation method for your product will be same.