Before initiating the installation of MBTT please follow some mandatory steps. Otherwise, you will lose the work which you did.


To avoid loss of your previous work or progress you will need to copy your User_Database file first anywhere in your mac Machine, like Desktop, etc. 

After reinstalling the new Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2020 you will need to replace the new User_Database with the old User_Database file.

 First Access your MavisBeaconTeachesTyping2020 folder in Applications and open it



After this, press the mouse Right-click button on the "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2020" icon and choose the second option, which is "Show Package Contents"


 Now open the "Contents" folder

Copy your "User-Database" file and paste it anywhere in your mac Machine, like Desktop, etc.

 Now after

installation of the latest MBTT 2020 version you will just need to access the new User_Database folder after following the above steps and replacing the new User_Database file with the Old User_Database file which you saved at another place like Desktop,

When you will copy your old User_Database file and paste it into the "Contents" folder to replace User_Database then you will get a pop-up message like this.


 Just click on "Replace"