1. Right-click Start and select Settings.

2. Click Privacy & Security from the left panel.

3. Select Windows Security.

select Windows Security

4. Click the Open Windows Security button to go to the Windows Security interface.

click Open Windows Security

5. You can see some options from the left panel. You can click the security option you want to enable or disable to continue.

Windows Security

How to Turn on or Turn off Virus & Threat Protection in Windows 11?

1. Select Virus & threat protection and click the Manage settings link under Virus & threat protection settings.

click Manage settings

2. There are many virus & threat protection settings for Microsoft Defender Antivirus. You can see Real-time protection, Cloud-delivered protection, Automatic sample submission, and more. You can turn them on or off based on your needs.

turn on or off the settings according to your requirements

3. You can go to other Windows security features to turn on or turn off the specific settings based on your needs.