Welcome to The Print Shop 23.1 installation guide! This document will help you to install The Print Shop 23.1 on your computer, guiding you at every step. Depending on your hardware configuration, the installation process can take as little as 10- 15 minutes.


Start Installation:

Double-click the Print Shop 23.1 file to start the installation.


Serial Key:

To enable the register button, make sure you have a Serial Key, which you have received in the purchase email. Keep it with you while you install The Print Shop 23.1. Fig 1

Fig 1: Activation Key 


User Credentials:


You will need to provide all the required information (Fig. 1) i.e. Full name and Email address along with the serial key (that can be found in the purchase email) to proceed further with the installation. Fig 1.1:



Fig 1.1: User Credentials 


PDFill Set-up Wizard:


It is a free solution to use save as PDF functionality, so, it is mandatory to install this set-up going further with software.Fig.2


Fig 2: PDFill Set-up Wizard 



Default Settings:


The following are the default settings for PDFill: Fig 2.1 and 2.2:



Fig 2.1: Default Settings 

Fig 2.2: Default Settings 


Prerequisite-Installation Requirements


The following prerequisites and requirements must be satisfied for a successful installation.


The installer program checks the software prerequisites, identifies if any items are missing, and will alert you if any additional items need to be installed. Fig.3:



Fig  3: Pre-Installation Requirements


The Print Shop Installation


After the prerequisite installation is complete, the TPS 23.1 main installation will start. (Fig 4)



Fig 4: The Print Shop Installation 


License Agreement


The User will check a box next to “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and then click the

“Next” button. Fig 4.1.



Fig 4.1: License Agreement


Set-up Type


To have a successful l installation, the minimum option must be chosen.


If you want to enhance your Print Shop experience, you can purchase the additional images on at Broderbund.com or Encore.com. Fig 5:



Note: Users have to purchase premium clip art disc separately to use offline clip art and projects.




Fig 5: Set-up Type 


Compatibility Settings


After the successful installation of TPS 23.1, you need to install the compatibility settings for your system. This box automatically appears after the successful installation of The Print Shop

  1. Fig 6


Fig 6: Compatibility Settings 





Installation Complete

Once you are done with all the steps, click Finish to close the installation process. You are now ready to start using The Print Shop 23.1.

Installation From ISO


Instructions for installing TPS 23.1 from ISO:


  1. Right-click on ISO and go-to options:
    • Open with                     window explorer (Fig7)




Fig 7: Installation from ISO 



  1. After completing the first step, you can see a partition in the drive area where an installer file (.exe) can be found.

      Click Run on the Installer file to proceed.