We understand you have some questions about the shipment and replacement process. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions from our customers:

How long does the item take to arrive?

Great question! Nothing is as exciting as getting something in the mail that you've ordered. From the time it's shipped out, it should arrive within 5 to 9 business days when you receive your "Order has shipped" email. 

For international destinations, it may take longer than 9 days to arrive. 

So I've waited X amount of days for my shipment and it still has not arrived. What now? 

Sometimes, the mail system can be fast or be slow depending on the volume of mail being delivered on any given day. An item can take up to 21 business days if it is shipped within the USA and up to 30 business days for International shipments in extreme cases. If you have waited this long and still have not received your shipment, please call us at 1-800-395-0277 or email us with your order number. A sales agent will take a look at the situation you've encountered and order a replacement. 

The disk I received does not install or appears to be damaged, what do I do?

First, if you've inserted the disk and it's not doing anything please try to go into the File manager of the Windows operating system  and see what's on the disk. 

On Windows 7, typically you click on the Start Button and click Computer. Then, right click on the DVD Drive and select "Open"

On Windows 8.1. click on the folder icon at the bottom to open up the File Explorer. Then, locate the DVD Drive, right click on the DVD Drive and select open.

Windows 10, the instructions are similar to Windows 8.1 and will work to locate the DVD Drive.

If there are contents on the disk, try to double click the setup files that are on the disk, that should start the installation process. Please allow ample time for the system to register there is a disk in the drive.

Should the disk do nothing, please send us an email to support@encore.com for Technical Support and our support agents can help you troubleshoot the disk. If it's deemed to be defective, no problem! We will send you a replacement disk at no additional charge. 

If you receive a damaged disk, contact us right away. We can take care of the problem for you so you get a disk that is not damaged.