When installing the Print Shop 23.1, you may receive a message that says " Error 1402"


  1. Open C: Drive.

  2. Click on Program Files (x86).

  3. Copy the folder The Print Shop 23.1 and paste it in any other drive/partition like C or D drive temporarily before the installer exits.

  4. Accept the error message and click OK.

  5. Installer exits.

  6. The Print Shop 23.1 folder/Installation will automatically Delete in C:\Program Files (x86) after click on OK.

  7. Take The Print Shop 23.1 folder from its temporary location and copy or move it back to C:\Program Files (x86)

  8. When the folder move will complete, find the file PMW.exe (Application).

  9. Create a shortcut on the desktop for this file.

How to create the Desktop shortcut?

 1. Please right click on PMW.exe and create the Desktop shortcut.


 2. Optional: Rename the Shortcut to Print Shop 23.1

 3. Double click the Desktop Icon.

 4. Ignore the error about the connection manager.

 5. Your application will Successfully Run/Launch.