When you encounter the following scenarios:

  • When temp files bucket reached at maximum then the program works slow

  • When the project having more pages or try to create larger project then the program works slow

  • When try to print more than 30 labels per sheet in a single label sheet then the program works slow


How to Show hidden files in windows 10?

  • Select the “Start” button, then choose “File Explorer“.

  • Make sure the menu bar is expanded. You can toggle the menu bar by selecting the ^ at the upper right portion of the window.

  • Select the “View” tab.

  • Check the “Hidden items” check box to view hidden items.

How to remove Temp files?

  • Double click on This PC.

  • Double Click Drive C

  • Double Click Users

  • Double Click the folder that represents the user name you are logged in under.

  • Double click on App Data

  • Double click on Local

  • Double click on Temp

  • Inside Temp, press Control - A on your keyboard to highlight all of the files.

  • Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

  • Please note that you may receive a message where the files are in use or they cannot be deleted. If this happens, put a check on Do this for the next amount of items and click Skip.

            (Note some files left over are OK)

After perform the above steps the program will perform better.