Repairing Microsoft XPS Document Writer Driver

 First click on search bar and search "Printers & Scanners"


After choosing "Printers & Scanners" this window will appear


"Microsoft Print to PDF" and "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" these two drivers are mandatory to take print through network or wireless printer. "Broderbund PDF Converter" and "Broderbund PDF creator" will appear when you install the application on your machine.
Except of these drivers uninstall all other drivers from here.

Now select "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" and click on “Manage”


After choosing the option "manage" the below window will appear, choose the “Run the troubleshooter” option from this window.


After choosing “Run the troubleshooter” option the below window will appear


Now choose the option “Apply this Fix”


After fixing Driver issue the below window will open, click on close here.


After click on “Close” your issue will resolve.