If you purchased The Print Shop 6.0 as a digital download from a website such as https://www.broderbund.com you received an email confirming your purchase and an email with the download link and activation key.


To install from a download:

  1. Open your email with the Subject line "Your Download order is ready."
  2. If your email provider allows, you can click on the link to begin your download.  If not, you will need to copy and paste the link from your email into your Internet browser's address bar.
  3. You will be prompted to run your download or save it.  Choose Save so that way if you ever require the ability to reinstall the program you will have the files to do so.
  4. Once your download completes you should get another prompt asking if you want to run the installer file from the completed download.  Choose Run.
  5. The installer will now search your computer to make sure you have the required Windows Updates in order to install The Print Shop 6.0.
  6. If it detects that you are missing an update the installer will prompt you to install these now.  Once the updates are complete the installer will move to the next step automatically.
  7. From here you should follow the on screen prompts to complete the installation.