You may experience this situation in the following scenarios:

*Over - Restrictive firewall

*No connection to the internet

Last but not least, our servers might be down.......

To confirm it's not on your end, try restarting your computer, also try restarting your internet device. Router, Gateway and so forth.

For software solutions such as Norton, Mcafee and the likeness, make sure to contact them for advice on configuring your firewall.

If you have restarted these connections or troubleshooted your firewall and it's still not working, you may report the problem to us via Customer Service. If we find the content server to be down on our end as well, no worries, we'll report this to our technicians right away to get this fixed. We'll have your program back in service in no time! 

If the content server is currently working, we will refer your case to our Technical Support team who would be happy to take a look at your issue in further detail and come up with a resolution. Our support email is