We're glad you asked! 

The following files are compatible: 

PrintMaster v8 Platinum (File format is in the PMX format) 

Files imported  into PrintMaster 2019 may look different than they appeared in PrintMaster v8 Platinum.

While files from PrintMaster 2011, 2012 , v5 Silver, V5 Gold, V6 Gold , V7 Platinum may open because of the files being in the PMX format, we cannot guarantee it.

Please note that files with individual file formats from programs such as PrintMaster 18.1 and older are not compatible. 

If you wish to use your older projects into the new one, please consult the user manual of your older program to save to a JPG image. You can take a design you worked on, and import that image into PrintMaster 2019 and add onto your project. 

JPG images when exported are final and can't be changed so make sure your design is perfect before the export!