We understand that you are looking to import an address book from a previous version. 

The Print Shop 5.0 imports address books from some versions of The Print Shop or files from outside sources. 

Click on the Sharing Tab from within the program.

You will notice two icons. One that looks like a modern Print Shop Logo (Print Shop 3.0, 3.5, 4.0) and an icon that has a blue Broderbund icon ( Print Shop 23 or 23.1 files)

Click on the icon that represents the address book from which you are importing. The program will ask you where the location of the file is. 

Finish the import process and the names will appear in your address book.

If you do not see the names imported inside your address book using both options, please try the "Flat File" option. 

Should these steps not work, your address book file is not compatible with The Print Shop 5.0 and will need to be created from scratch.