Here is what we can do to get the program to open again:

  1. Right click on the desktop and select File Explorer.
  2. Click on the word view. Put a checkmark on enable hidden files.
  3. Now, left click on This PC.
  4. Double click the C Drive.
  5. Double Click Users
  6. Double click the folder for the name you are logged in under
  7. Double click on the folder App Data
  8. Double click on the folder Local
  9. Double click on the folder Temp
  10. Inside the Temp folder, you will press Control - A to highlight all of the files.
  11. Now, press the delete key.  The process to delete the files from the Temp Folder Begins.
  12. If you get a dialog box that says the file is in use, click on the box that says "Do this for the next X amount of items" and click the Skip button.

Once the process is complete some files may be left over but the program will now run.