CD is Not Recognized


After inserting the CD into the CD-ROM drive when prompted, the CD is not recognized.  Any number of the following conditions may cause this issue: incorrect CD is used, CD needs cleaned, incompatible CD-ROM drive settings, incorrect CD-ROM driver, or outdated CD-ROM firmware or driver.  Consult the remainder of this note for additional information.


Completing the procedures that follow will help to identify the source of the CD-Read issue.  Begin with item one and porceed through the list attempting to use the CD after each step.


  1. Verify that the correct CD is inserted in the CD-ROM drive.
  2. Clean the CD.  Place a small amount of nonabrasive, liquid soap on the shiny side of the CD.  Using your fingertips and warm water, gently rub the soap on the CD in a circular motion.  Rinse the CD thoroughly and dry it using a clean, soft T-shirt or lint-free towel.  Do not use paper towels or tissue paper. 


    NOTE: For Windows® 2000/XP, continue with Step 6 if the issue remains after completing Steps 1 and 2.  For Windows® 98/Me, continue with Step 3 if the issue remains after completing Steps 1 and 2.

    1. Change the Read Ahead setting in the following manner:
    1. Return to the desktop and right-click on the My Computer icon.
    2. Select Properties from the menu that appears and click the Performance tab in the Systems Properties window.
    3. Click the File System button and then click the CD-ROM tab.
    4. Locate Optimize Access Pattern For.
    5. Click the arrow to the right of the information field and select the No Read Ahead option.
    6. Restart Windows®.
  3. Verify that the computer is utilizing a 32-bit file system. In the System Properties window (found in Step 3 above), click the Performance tab. Verify that the File System reads 32-bit. (If it reads anything else, contact the computer manufacturer for installation of the proper CD-ROM or hard drive drivers.)
  4. Turn off DMA in the following manner:

    1. In the System Properties window (found in Step 3 above), click the Device Manager tab.
    2. Choose View Devices By Type. In the list that appears, locate CD-ROM or CD-ROM Controller.
    3. Click the plus (+) sign next to this listing.
    4. Using the left mouse button, double-click on the name that appears.
    5. In the Properties window, click the Settings tab. Find the DMA checkbox and remove the checkmark (if one exists).
    6. Click OK.
  5. Verify that the most current version of the driver and/or firmware for the CD-ROM drive is in use. Contact the computer manufacturer for additional information.

  6. Try to use a different CD in the CD-ROM drive to see if it can be read.

  7. If possible, insert the problem CD into the CD-ROM drive of another computer to see if the issue remains.