Are ViaCAD and/or Shark products compatible with Windows 10


Only versions 9 and 10 are compatible with Windows 10. 

It is, however, important to note that if your upgrading an older operating system to Windows 10, you must make sure your video drivers are compatible with Windows 10 as well. This is not something the update to the operating system does not check during the installation.

To update your drivers, you must first locate your Video Device in your device manager, then go to the manufactures website to check to make sure your drivers are Win 10 compatible. 

Intel drivers - 
Nvidia drivers - 
ATI drivers - 

With version 9 of the program, we do strongly suggest you update your software to at least build 1166  before updating to Windows 10. Updating the software will prevent the possibility of a registration error as a result of the update to the operating system.