Firewalls often can block or restrict your computer from accessing content through the internet. A firewall is either hardware or a software barrier designed to prevent unauthorized or unwanted data transfer between a computer and the internet, or network. Normally this is to prevent internet hackers from retrieving personal information such as bank accounts, credit cards and any other financial data. You may have a firewall enabled in your system. This prevents the software from accessing the internet, used to retrieve necessary software contents.

Please disable your firewall hardware and/or software to gain access to online contents. To disable your firewall please check your firewall manufacturer's documentation. If you cannot determine who provides your firewall software, please check the list below for some of the most popular ones and compare them to the Programs in your start menu:

  • Windows Firewall (Default Windows firewall if you don't have one)
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • AVG Internet Security
  • Trend Micro Internet Security
  • McAffee Internet security
  • Avast Internet Security