The Print Shop 23.1 project files will also open inside The Print Shop 4.0. The older files will become rasterized. This means that some objects will become permanent parts of your project and cannot be edited. You can still add additional elements to your projects though and cover up things you don't want on your project.

To Open your older files:

1.     Click on the File Menu Tab.
2.     Click on Open.
3.     Click on Open The Print Shop 23.1 files.
4.     Browse to and Select your project file.
5.     Click on the Open button.
6.     It will take a minute or two to convert your old Project into a new The Print Shop 4.0 project.  Please be patient with this
      process as your computer may seem unresponsive during the conversion process.
      Note: Large project files from the old program may not convert.
7.     Once your project is converted you can edit it using The Print Shop 4.0.

We are unable to support opening project files from Print Shop programs previous to Print Shop 23.1. Using the above steps may allow them to open but we are unable to guarantee they will open.