The official version of Windows 11 was released on October 5th, 2021 to the public as an upgrade for Windows 10 and also available on select computers bought brand new in retail. We have been hard at work testing various products which are currently sold on the Broderbund and Encore website.

As we learn more from testing these products, we will update our system requirements accordingly on the website. If you plan to use our popular latest version products of Print Shop and Print Master, please ensure that your computer is fully up to date for the best experience. 

Should you have any problems running our programs on Windows 11, please send us an email through our helpdesk and our technicians would be happy to assist. 

*Support is limited to software titles currently sold on the Broderbund , Print Shop and Encore websites. Due to technical reasons, we are unable to support older products that have been discontinued for sale in retail.