Connection to the CheckPoint server has failed. Please contact your vendor for support


This is a result of the activation process not having Administrator privileges on Windows Vista and Windows 7 when trying to authenticate and save your key into the registry.

To set your program to “Run as administrator” on every launch (Windows Vista & Windows 7 Only):

  1. Right Click on the icon which starts the program.
  2. Left Click on Properties
  3. Left Click on the Compatibility Tab
  4. Check the box for "Run this Program as administrator"

After this process is completed the program should authenticate your serial key properly and start the program.

If you require an Activation code, your program must first generate an Authorization Request Code. This code is a 16 digit key, similar to the License Key that you were given when you purchased the product. Once we receive this code, we can provide you with an Authorization Code which you will enter on the next screen. This will get you past the checkpoint server issue.

To get your Authorization Request Code (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7):

  1. Launch the downloaded program.
  2. Look on the bottom left of the window that reads "Thank you for purchasing".
  3. Notice the text that reads "Having trouble activating your product? Click Here". This should take you to a screen that has a 16 digit code known as the Authorization Request Code.

If your program generates an Authorization Request Code, please use the link below to generate a16 digit activation code.