DEFINING GABLE WALL SEGMENTS  (For Power Tools enabled programs)

1. Click the wall section that will be fitted to the gable roof, on the right side of the Punch! screen, under Tool Options/ Properties, click on the Wall Style icon.
2. Click the second choice on the pop-up menu, the A,B and C style.
3. The Base Height, denoted by the blue bar. will typically be your ceiling height.  ( The height of the wall)
4. Boxes A and B must match the pitch of the roof section they will meet. Example, if the pitch of the roof is 8:12, then insert the number "8" in box A, and B.
5. Box C must match the Base Height. Example, if the Base Height is 8'-0"(96"), then type 8-0 (96") in box C. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard every time you make a value change.  In other words, when you insert a pitch (a value) on Pitch "A", hit the "Enter" key, when you inserted a different value in box "C", hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

To learn how to turn off the auto roof go here.