Are SharkCAD or ViaCAD line of products supporting High Sierra


Both SharkCAD V10 and ViaCAD V10 will run on the newest MAC OSX High Sierra with an update.  We highly recommend that you update your software before updating your operating system, This can be done by selecting Current Version from the help menu. 

If you have already upgraded to High Sierra, then you will need to submit a support request with your full product name, proof of purchase (copy of receipt or an Encore order number) and a simple note requesting the update link.  Feel free to use the link below to access the support request form. 

At this time Only the English version updates of ViaCAD 2D, ViaCAD 2D/3D and ViaCAD Pro are available. As of 9/28/17 The English SharkCAD and SharkCAD Pro and all International builds are still awaiting final testing and release.  Please feel free to send in a request for the updates for Shark or the international builds and we will keep a record of your request and send the links out as soon as they do become available.

-Version 9 and older WILL NOT be compatible with High Sierra.