When attempting to launch the program you are receiving an error message about the license file error 209. The following steps will resolve this issue.

   1. Download the file http://files.broderbund.com/support/Show_and_Hide_Mac_File_Scripts.zip
   2. Once the file has been downloaded, unzip the file .
   3. The folder should contain the following files:
         a.) show all and shared folder.command
         b.) Reset hidden.command
   4. Double-click the "show all and shared folder.command" file 
   5. The command file will display an application window with hidden files displayed.
   6. Notice the ".gs5" file displayed
   7. Click and drag the ".gs5" file into the Trash, and Empty Trash 
   8. Then you should return to the same application window with the two command files.
   9. Double-click the "Reset hidden.command" file 
   10. The command file will hide the hidden files.

When attempting to download the Show and Hide Mac File Scripts.zip file, you receive an error the installer can't be opened because the identity of the developer is unknown. To correct this, simply disable the security setting prior to downloading the file. Then when finished, the security settings can be re-enabled.

To disable your Mac's security:
   1. Open System Preferences from the Apple Menu. 
   2. Click Security & Privacy. 
   3. Click the padlock in the lower left corner to allow changes and enter an administrator password if prompted. 
   4. Under "Allow applications downloaded from" select the "Anywhere" option. 
   5. Click the "Allow From Anywhere" button in the dialog that pops up. 
To re-enable security simply switch the "Allow applications downloaded from" setting back to "Mac App Store"